Baling Machine

SAM FPM 155 New Model Fully Automatic Filling and Packaging Line automatically receives and fills flat-bottomed ready-made paper packages. The filled packages move towards the bag closing machine on the band. In the bag closing machine, the excess paper is cut, the first fold is made, the last fold is made with hot glue and it comes out of the machine with the mouth closed. The dates of the packages coming out of the bag closing machine are automatically discarded and the packages go to the counter machine for grouping before baling. The packages are grouped according to the kg unit and the baling process is realized by pushing the paper bag attached to the mouth of the machine by the operator with a piston.

  • Sensibility: The margin of error in the filling for 1kg is ± 0.5% (5 per thousand) and the working waste is below 2%.
  • Guarantee: It is guaranteed for 2 years in Türkiye and 1 year abroad.
  • Capacity: In 1 kg packaging: 38-40 bags/minute
    In 2 kg packaging: 24-26 bags/min
    In 5 kg packaging: 10-12 bags/min
  • Electric: It works with 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 HZ.
  • As a facility, it consists of sealing, hot glue, inkjet printer, baling machines and other parts according to demand.

Technicial Specifications

  • * Screw or volumetric filling system is used depending on the type of product.
    * Fills 1Kg, 2Kg and 5Kg flat-bottom, ready-made paper packages.
    * All control is done from touch PLC screen.
    * There is automatic lubrication in the whole system.
    * There is a dust suction system on the filling system.
    * Depending on the type of product, there are 200 Kg or 50 Kg stainless silos.
    * Metal surfaces are coated against corrosion before painting.
    * Machine paint is durable static paint.
    * All surfaces in contact with the product to be packaged are stainless.
    * Metal surfaces are nickel plated and blackened, stainless.
    * There is a speed-adjustable vibration system.
    * Electrical materials: Schneider (France)
    * Pneumatic materials: Festo (Germany)
    * Vacuum holders and suction cups: Festo (Germany)
    * Gearboxes: Yılmaz Redüktör (Türkiye)
    * PLC control system: ABB (Switzerland)

Technical Drawing

Way of Working