Sağbil Makine San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

It was established in 1962 by Mehmet Ali Sağbili as a small lathe workshop in Konya. Since its establishment, it has served as "manufacturing of sub-industry products" in a wide range from agriculture to industry. In addition to the quality of the spare parts it has produced, it has also made a great contribution to keeping our national capital within the borders of the country. During its existence, it has tried to follow the developing technology day by day and has become one of the biggest supporters of the country's industry, especially in Konya, with the investments it has made in the machinery park. As a result of the research and development activities carried out by the qualified personnel and engineers it employs, it has determined the foreign dependency in the machinery and equipment needed in the packaging industry and has been incorporated in 1993 in order to be able to produce these machines within the country and reorganized the production program by expanding it.

‘’Work with the best, be the best...’’


Our Vision

Sağbil Packaging Machinery will follow every opportunity to improve while providing the best quality services and products.


Our Mission

To create added value for customers regardless of place and time.


Our Quality Policy

Our main goals are to realize our production by providing the highest quality and to provide flawless production to our customers by using the latest technologies.


Sağbil Makina San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

It has carried out the projecting process of the machines that will serve the packaging industry within its own structure, arranged it in accordance with the country's conditions in every aspect and presented it to the service of the sector in question. Sağbili Makina, which exports most of its production, registered its quality by obtaining ISO 9001 certificate in 2001.


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Sağbil Makina San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

Sağbili Makina company has redesigned its machines and obtained the CE certificate in accordance with European standards. In addition, it obtained the EAC certificate required for export to the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia countries, as well as the customer satisfaction and complaint management certificate ISO 10002, enabling it to reach the level of exporting to the whole world. Sağbili Makina has become a well-known brand worldwide by exporting to more than 60 countries in total.In addition, it is proud to be serving in the bakery and spare parts sector with its festina bag sealing machine, which has a worldwide impact and is produced only in a few countries.