Festina Bag Closing Machine

*Festina Bag closing Machine is mainly designed for packaging bakery products. However, the machine can also be used for transferring products such as strained yoghurt, cookies, crisps and crackers to the bag and closing the mouth. After the product is put into the bag, the mouth of the bag is tightened by rotating and the mouth is closed manually with the machine.

* Due to the opening and closing feature of the clips (bands), the mouth of the bag can be opened many times, the required amount can be taken and the mouth can be closed many times. In this way, the products stay fresh.

* The desired information can be printed on the clip (tape) during closing the bag with the thermal transfer printer device that can electronically write all kinds of information (expiry date, production date, production time, serial number, price, barcode, etc.). This printing and barcoding is prepared on the computer and transferred to the bag closing machine in seconds with the help of a USB flash drive.

* Logo and figure can also be printed on the clip.

  • Sensibility:
  • Guarantee: It is guaranteed for 2 years in Türkiye and 1 year abroad.
  • Capacity: Since it is manual bag closing, it varies according to the number of workers and their abilities.
    15-30 pcs/minute
  • Electric: 220 V/Single Phase

Technical Drawing

Way of Working