VD 16 Manual Sack Filling and Packing Machine (5Kg-10Kg)

VD 16 Manual Sack Filling and Packing Machine fills powdery products precisely in the screw system. It includes a perfect structure, a powerful driver, large product hopper, special dosing screw and precise control units. Machine sensitivity can be adjusted for products that can be weighed. The weighing process of the machine is realized by pressing the foot pedal after the machine operator prepares the package and holds it to the filling mouth. Then, the filled packages are put on the conveyor belt with the sewing machine and sewn and the mouth is closed.

  • Sensibility: It has high weighing accuracy (1 Kg ± 0.5%).
  • Guarantee: It is guaranteed for 2 years in Türkiye and 1 year abroad.
  • Capacity: Since it is manual filling, it varies according to the number of workers and their abilities. Depending on the product, it can fill up to 6-8 packages per minute.
  • Electric: It works with 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.

Technicial Specifications

  • * Products weighing 5 Kg and 10 Kg are packaged.
    * Filling is done with screw filling system.
    * Ideal for packaging powdery products.
    * Includes automatic sewing machine and conveyor belt.
    * Metal surfaces are coated against corrosion before painting.
    * Machine paint is durable static paint.
    * There is a 200 Kg stainless silo on the machine.
    * Metal surfaces are nickel plated and blackened, stainless.
    * All surfaces in contact with the product to be packaged are stainless.
    * Electrical materials: Schneider (France)
    * Gearboxes: Yılmaz Redüktör (Türkiye)

Technical Drawing

Way of Working