SAM VPM 900 Automatic Vertical Multihead Scale Filling and Packing Machine

SAM VPM 900 Automatic Vertical Multihead Scale Filling and Packaging Machine packs granular products in the range of 50 Gr to 1 Kg in the 10-head weighing system, while it fills between 100 Gr and 5 Kg in the 14-head weighing system. With the feeding made from the elevator, the product in the target weight is filled into the package. By giving different bag shapes to the ready-made roll packaging, the weighed product is packaged. The machine can be combined with feeding units, photocell system, and on-pack printer systems.

  • Sensibility: It has high weighing precision (± 3 Gr per 1 Kg).
  • Guarantee: It is guaranteed for 2 years in Türkiye and 1 year abroad.
  • Capacity: It can fill up to a maximum of 60 packages per minute, depending on the product and scale type.
  • Electric: It works with 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.

Technicial Specifications

  • * Filling is done with a weighing system with 10 or 14 heads.
    * It is used for filling granular products.
    * Ideal for packaging granular products such as candies, nuts, pulses, pasta, grain spices, chips.
    * The whole system is touch PLC controlled.
    * Fills in 2- or 3-layer laminated packages that can be adhered with heat.
    * It has pillow type, gusseted pillow type, sitting bag preference.
    * Diagnostic control system.
    * Metal surfaces are coated against corrosion before painting.
    * Machine paint is durable static paint.
    * Metal surfaces are nickel plated and blackened, stainless.
    * All surfaces in contact with the product to be packaged are stainless.
    * Electrical materials: Schneider (France)
    * Pneumatic materials: Festo (Germany)
    * Gearboxes: Yılmaz Redüktör (Türkiye)
    * PLC control system: Panasonic (Japan)

Technical Drawing

Way of Working